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Memory for 790i Motherboard


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Hi! just to prevent creating a new topic I`d like to ask a question here...


I have a P5N-E SLI (650i) an since changed the E2160 for a Q6600 the memory does not work on 1066 anymore, only 800. Allright I know P5N-E isn`t THE board for quads.. but this is not my question...

I decide to change de mobo and since I have a nVidia video card and plans for a SLI (in the future...) I want a nForce mobo... But these days 780i mobos are very dificult to find so I think 790i is the only choice, but (here comes the doubt, finaly uahuahua) since I have a 1066FBS processor can I put it togeder with a 1600 DDR3? it`s gonna work?

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