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2 pairs of TWIN2X2048-8500C5D


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I have exactly the same cenario as TheMash, with four modules of xms2-8500 1024MB (5-5-5-15) 2.10V (2)ver1.5; (2)ver4.3.

With the four modules (4Gb) i have constant BSOD.

I tested the memory with memtest and i got a enormus amount of errors.

I switch of the power and after i switch on i tested again and the memory was good.

I`m working now with three modules (3Gb), second slot empty, till now i`m OK.

However i Think is not the god because i bought 4 Gb to use and i cant use them, and i don`t understand why, and they here expensive.

Can anybody help me?


(Sorry by the english.)

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It's never recommended to mix kits as you are doing, as they have not been tested together. Also, they're different versions, hence different ICs.


Trop the speed down to 667 or 800 Mhz, 2.1v, and test with Memtest86+ v4.00.

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