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ASUS P6T Deluxe V2, Need Help


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well i have been battleing with my new computer for a month now (since i built it) ill give you some background info i wont make it to long but i hope someone can help me out


first thing i want to know is will these work for me TR3X6G1600C8


its not in the QVL


i have an asus p6t deluxe v2


i recently had an asus p6t but i came to a conclusion it was a bad mobo.


right now i have ******** gold ram and i cant get it to pass memtest, on my new board or my old board


when i had my old board i bought the corsair dominators and it was only reading 4 out of 6 gigs so i returned those dominators (wish i kept them for testing purposes for this board) and bought my asus p6t deluxe


im just tired of battling with my system and i just want to enjoy it. the sticks dont even have to run at 1600 i wanna pop them in run memtest and not have a single error pop up!!! even though its usually only 1 error popping up


i just hope someone can respond quick cause i want to buy ram again and test over night if i knew this was going to be such a nightmare i would of never upgraded my pc.


thanks in advance.

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Those modules should run great on that MB and all you need to do is get the latest BIOS and then load setup defaults and enable XMP and it should set all of the settings for you.


only 1s i can get my hands on are the dominators atleast today and i want them today i have the latest bios, its just last time i got them it was only reading 4 out of 6 which made me think it was the mobo but then i was messing with some timings and settings today with my piece of crap oc zs and somehow i get it to read 4 something with the latency.


i mean these are clearly memory faults correct??









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No maybe not what is the memory part number and what were the BIOS settings you had set?

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the first 3 stock settings


the 4th one

Run the tests at 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24 tRFC 90 command rate 2N. Ram voltage 1.65V, QPI/VTT set to 1.35V.


and im running a test now


wit these settings

turbo mode= enable

ai overclock tuner=manual


pcie freq=100

dram freq=ddr3-1600

qpi/dram core volt=1.35

dram bus volt=1.66


under dram timing control

1st info=8-8-8-24-6-88-12-8-24-0

2nd info=1n-55-58-61 (besides this i couldnt get this how they wanted it)

3rd info=7-7-18-9-9-9-7-6-4-7-7-4



lol and the results to that is in real time




lmao as i clicked to get the screen a bunch of errors JUST popped up it was sitting with 1 error for a while.


usually when i run it how the motherboard wants to run it i get 1 error


thats why im considering going back to corsair i dont know why i decided to do ******** i guess cause i was trying to get a good decent build and didnt wanna spend to much on ram but i learned my lesson.

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