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Random BSOD, Memtest errors, lockups TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF G


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Hello, this is my first message in Corsair forums

I have bought by second hand a kit of Corsair Dominator Pc2-8500 (TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF) to replace my previous memory kit, because one stick gone to better places.

This is my first experience with Corsair products.

I bought the Dominator by a good friend, that show me a Memtest before buying them, of course with no errors.

First time I put them in my rig and I did a test with Memtest86+ 4.00, and there weren't no errors.


So I used my system flawlessy for two weeks with the "new" Dominators, when suddenly two days ago I found my pc in a BSOD-status (I left it uploading a video on Youtube and when I come back to pc after about 2 hours I found the blue screen).


So I rebooted the system and loaded Memtest86+ and it founds almost 40.000 errors starting from second test of Memtest.

Legacy USB support was enabled btw, so I can consider all these error false positives.

I had and I have Physical Address Extension enabled in my bios, because if it's disabled the bios recognize only about 3300Mb.

So I disabled Legacy Usb and did many test.

The situation is similar to the user that opened this thread.

If I let the memory cool down or I turn off the pc for more than 3-4 minutes the errors disappear.


I can use it for about 12 hours, or 24, 6, no matter, the errors come again randomly.


I have no temperatures problem as my motherboard is full liquid cooled, CPU, NB, VGA, SB.

Never had problems before (apart one stick of previous memory kit of another brand, that get faulty after 2 years of use).


Timings are set manually: 5-5-5-15, @ 2.1V.


So after disabling Legacy Usb Support I did again the tests with one stick at time.

The were about 300 errors, in about 8 mins of testing.

I focused on one stick to test it deeply.

If I turn off my pc for more than 5 minutes errors disappears.

Actually I'm testing in Windows XP SP3 32bit with just one stick, 3 hours of Prime95 with no errors, Blend mode.


Actually voltages and temps are the following:


These are the values from Everest:



MB 31 °C (88 °F)

CPU 38 °C (100 °F)

Core 1 34 °C (93 °F)

Core 2 37 °C (99 °F)

North Bridge 30 °C (86 °F)

South Bridge 31 °C (88 °F)

GPU 34 °C (93 °F)

GPU Ambient 35 °C (95 °F)

GPU VRM 51 °C (124 °F)


CPU 1.344 V

FSB VTT 1.232 V

Core North Bridge 1.376 V

Core South Bridge 1.088 V

PLL South Bridge 1.552 V

DIMM 2.096 V

DIMM VTT 1.040 V

GPU VRM 1.200 V


Thanks in advance for help.



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Why should I not have warranty?

He bought from a common reseller.

So do I have to keep this problem because I didnt buy the first time from a reseller?

The warranty is not personal, its on product, imho.

I hope to get some support, I would not like to start my experience with Corsair in this way...

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The problem get solved.

Corsair DIMMS are OK.

I tried setting up all voltages on AUTO in the bios, except the VDIMM, set @ 2.02V (because Maximus Formula overvolts, Bios Read: 2.11V, Digital Multimeter, measurement taken on the key pin of the slot -> 2.07V), and Northbridge, set at 1.25V (Intel specification) in the bios, and the read in the bios is 1.28V.

My CPU is E6600, rated @ 1.35V.

With all the voltages on AUTO the Vcore I can read on idle is 1.30V, in full load fall at 1.29V.

Even If its below the Intel specification, the tests I ran show me great stability.


Manual configuration for memory timings, following Corsair specification (5-5-5-15) like before), 2T, 1066Mhz, the rest on AUTO (the tRFC parameter was set by the bios on 52, for your information.)

AI Clock Twister on Lighter, DRAM Static Read Control on Disabled.

Spectrums on disabled.


With this configuration I was able to run Memtest86+ 4.00 all night long (8 hours) with no errors.

After this, I ran Prime95 for 12hours, and within 12 hours I worked with many memory-hungry application (Photoshop CS3, Adobe Premiere CS3, Dreamweaver, many many windows of Firefox, MySQL server, Apache, IIS Serve, Live Messenger and so on).


To isolate the influence of other periphals I unplugged audio board, tv tuner, hard disks, any useless fan from motherboard (remember Im on liquid cooling), leds, optical drives.

Of course to run Prime95 I needed to plug hard disks (RAID 0).


Ah, I forgot one thing: the get rid of this situation I cleared my CMOS and bios settings, to be sure to eliminate every possible cause of errors.


Actually I plugged everything back and Prime95 is running since 3 hours with no errors at all.

Hope this thread will be useful for other users, hoped to got more help from Corsair, but it was not like this.

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Problems came back again, after only 2 days of testing.

A module is not working correctly, because I've test both separately for many many hours.

I focused on the faulty module, testing it with Memtest 4.00 for about 12 hours... and there were no errors at all.

But suddenly, apparently with no reason, the errors appears.

They come out randomly, I wasn't able to determine the cause.

I noticed that with no active cooling on the faulty module the errors appears sooner compared to an active cooling situation.

The other module seems to be ok, many hours of Prime95 and Memtest with no errors, and normal use in Windows leads in NO BSOD or freezing or application errors.

So I'ive tested the faulty module on a complete different system (different CPU, different mobo, different ram, PSU and so on), to verify If my system was the problem.

BSOD's and application errors came out suddenly, after 3-4 hours of Prime95 testings.


With Memtest86+ 4.00 most of errors came out in test #5 and #8 (it should be a RAM related issue, as I've read around the net), sometimes also in test 1-2-3-4, but most of times in #5 and #8.


I've contacted my friend, he is available to replace the modules doing a RMA.

Do he need to send modules to Corsair with the original plastic package and with the original Dominator Fan? (its the C5DF package)

This is my first RMA with Corsair, and for my friend too.

Please help a new customer get rid of these problems.

Hoping in your help, I thank You in advance.

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Keep the fan. Ship in a small box, don't need the original plastic (although it'd probably make shipping a bit easier).


Thanks Wired, very kind.

Considering the ram will travel over the world (Italy -> USA, I think) I'll suggest him to do a resistant package.

I'll suggest him to specify this thread id number into the RMA, so we'll can track updates constantly.

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Dear Sirs,

Im TheMash's friend, he told me the memories should go to RMA.

Cause of studyes actually I'm far from him, and i cant speak english good.

So we ask you if TheMash can do itself the RMA, he can talk better english and have materially the products in their hands.

The memories were buyed by me from the italian e-shop bpm-power.com.



PS: he helped me writing this message via messenger !

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