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TR3X6G1600C8 + Asus Rampage II and random reboots


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I am wondering if this is even a ram issue hence I am posting my problem here.



I set up the system with win 7 RC1 64 bit and have been running it since. (I plan to install the retail version when i get my new SSD which will be on Christmas.) Please note that i am currently running my OS drive on a raid 0.


I used asus's level up utility to OC the system from the standard 920 specs to the 965 specs. Everything ran great.


Initial Issue

A month ago or so my video card went bad, purchased a temporary card until i could see the Fermi benchmarks and decide between nvidia / ati.

I reset the bios to default settings.

I deleted the old nvidia drivers and installed the new ndvidia drivers. Please note that i was lazy and didn't use driver cleaner.



Since the installation of the new video card i've been getting random crashes when playing 3d games. These crashes occur either at the launch of actual gameplay or after about 30 - 90 minutes of playing. One game is processor intensive (demigod) so it barely used the video card, the other (COD4/5) is gpu intensive etc. The crashes occur for both.

So i was thinking that it was a video card issue, big surprise there. I was hoping it was just a driver / software related issue.


But - when it crashes the entire computer shuts off and reboots. I've built most of the computers for my company, and this has happened in the past. A ram swap has cleared up the problem each time.


I did do a BIOS update to the latest version because the description of the update mentioned that it fixed an issue with ram at default settings.


Testing is a pain since the crashes, while inevitable at this point, are far between.


I plan on running memtest for the night tonight. I ran it for 20+ minutes last night just to see if it found anything quickly and it didn't.


I'll also adjust my BIOS to match the troubleshooting section but windows is reporting the proper amount of ram.


And finally:

So i guess my question is, do you guys think that this could be a ram related issue? Could this even be a software / windows / driver issue?


Thanks for your time!




***Also as of note, on other computers, where random restarts occurred, i ran memtest for 24+ hours without any issues however swapping the ram corrected the problems.

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If it was rock solid before you changed the GPU, and unstable after you added the new GPU, my guess is that your problem is not the memory. Let us know how your Memtest runs go. Also, be sure to disable Legacy USB Support as Memtest conflicts with this setting on many ASUS MOBOs.
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Thank you for the advice!

Since then i've run memtest for 8+ hours without a single issue. I also was able to run prime95 without issues. I can play L4D2 for hours without issues. When i play demigod though, on rare occasions, it still spontaneously reboots. This happens once every couple of hours of play. Hopefully I can figure it out lol.



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