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considering HX750W


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Hi all,


I'm considering to buy HX750 to replace my ******** 500w. Here is the question i brought the ****** TP750 couple days ago and i return it because the power supply is nosily. A buzzing electrical noise (not a fan noise) was comming from my power supply after i turn off the PC.:eek: i can't take off that buzzing noise unless i take out the power cord. i can't sleep with that buzzing noise.


However, i borrow the noname 500w power supply from my fd which is working fine, but i still have to look for the good one.


Now, i'm looking for the corsair PSU. i read all of the review from net which has very good rating.


Does HX750 having the same issue like ****** ? confused: it's because i can't keep return the from the retail store.


BTW, i'm using AMD 550BK, so i think that couldn't be relate to "Intel Speedstep Technology"


Please advise.


Thanks guys

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Thanks man, i think that brand maybe not as good as your guy PSU. we already try that PSU in different situation.


one more question, i'm living in Toronto(Canada), how your guy do the warranty for Canadian? do we have to ship the PSU to your HQ? i think the shipping will cost a lot from Canada East to US West.:D:

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