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Possible Voyager 16GB Failure


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I had seen some threads about this but I figured it was best to start my own. My voyager (non-GT) 16GB flashdrive was working fine while I was at work and then at the end of the day I put it in my computer to put another file on it and it came up as "unrecognized" and "may require format". I tried it on my home computer also with no luck, although it shows as a "voyager" in the 'my computer' list.


I was able to recover most of the files using a 3rd party recovery program (extracting from the raw volume and not the logical volume), but i'm wondering if I should just go ahead and format the drive now or if it needs to be replaced?


Any help is appreciated.


Rob D.

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Hi Ram Guy, sorry for the delay. I was able to format the drive successfully just through windows, and it appears to be working now. Although today I noticed that when I bumped it a little while putting a flashdrive in an adjacent USB port, it re-initialized...not sure if that's indicative of bad internal connections...


regardless, is there any type of predictive tool I can use or some kind of regular maintenance I should be doing to the drive to ensure this doesn't happen again? 16GB of work data is alot to recover, lol.





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