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crc error with Bank interleaving


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Hello ~

part: TWIN2X4096-6400C5 G

without any overclock and all biso memory setting set to auto

i bought my computer 5 month ago~ system was unstable and there are crc errors with rar files. i thought it was cause by raid 0 but after reinstall xp without raid, it act the same.

also tryed single channel, ganged(ganged memory makes it worst:[pouts:)

But when i disable bank interleaving, running stable and everything without a error but i can feel performance drop ...

1. is bank interleaving important for perfomance? i heard people said it is a basic function for memorys, and it should be enabled for performance:[pouts:

2. is this possible to make stable with bank interleave enabled??? :confused: changing voltage, memory clock speed or other bios setting will help??????

3. is my memory fail???

Thanks in advance for your help





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no help:[pouts: crc error happen when using "quicksfv" or "winrar" or large files

bios options for Bank interleaving only come with AUTO/DISABLE, if set to:

AUTO = few files crc error,

Disable = no error....

want to know why its happen... ram or cpu or motherboard bios setting??.....

both pass prime95, have not try memtest86(got no cdrom)


any help??


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