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Replacement Plastic Side Window?


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Quick one, I've managed to scratch the plastic side window pannel for the 800D case I own and need a replacement.


Where can I get one from? I'm hoping I can order one and pay direct from Corsair?


I've seen the replacement solid panel in the online store, but nothing for the window parts.



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Actually, the window on the 800D looks pretty simple. You may want to consider simply replacing it with a piece of polycarbonate. Use the original one a template, and perhaps pickup a hand-drill for making the holes. Optional, with polycarbonate, by probably necessary for Plexiglas, (it melts easily.)
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Managed to fit it this weekend just gone. Slightly tricky to do tho, as two of the nuts holding the original panel on are recessed into the plastic, so I had to cut around those two nuts with a dremel to release them. I've not replaced those two nuts either, just left them off.


The other issue is that the plastic panel is also countersunk on theother side to allow the bolt fitting to sit into the window slightly making a seal with the plastic to the metal case side. Mine now not being countersunk is sat about 1mm proud which doesn't look a problem at all, but is letting air come through which can be seen in the pattern of the dust left on the window.


So I'm happy for now, but It could benefit from a slight revision, to either counter sink the holes, or to use some foam tape around the edge to make a seal again.







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