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Corsair P64 64GB dies after half an hour of use


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Just built a new system and started doing a clean install of Windows 7 to a brand new Corsair P64 64GB SSD. After the installation got to about 30%, it aborted with a writing error. Was forced to reboot, and now the SSD is no longer detected in the BIOS. I tried other SATA ports and other power connectors, still impossible to connect to the SSD. It shows no sign of life.


I tried the SSD in two other systems, with the same result.


Sorry to say, but I'm not impressed. Not at all. :(

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Well, I live in Norway (Europe), so it's probably a major hassle to get it replaced by Corsair directly.


And I'm having trouble deciding if I'm going to risk try another. I've read most of the SSD forum now, and it seems this has been happening to other people too (even more so on the X series?). In which case I'm returning it for a refund or other brand.


Which is a shame, as the system was built exclusively with Corsair parts in mind (with Corsair branded PSU, memory, computer case, CPU cooler).

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