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Mid Tower Obsidian?


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Hey all. I was just checking out Corsair's Obsidian 800D case and man that thing is beautiful. It is hands down the nicest case I have seen. The only problem is that it makes me think of excuses to go for watercooling haha. I was wondering if Corsair had any plans to make a mid-tower (17 or 18 inches tall), more air cooling friendly Obsidian. If you don't have plans to do so, please reconsider! It would sell like hotcakes! Thanks guys!
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They never talk about products before a press release.


Wouldn't surprise anyone if they made a smaller case though.




No company will talk about product before they are announced. That just gives the competition something to shoot at. :(: But, I think it's OK to ask this question: Is Corsair planning any product announcements at CompuTex 2010 (June) or any time before that? :laughing:


Thanks. x509

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