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problems with 2 kits of CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 and questions


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Hello evryone:)


It has been 1 week now that i have build my new pc and like many ppl here i have the same problem with the "CMD4GX3M2A1600C8" moduls!


Have been searching forum after forum for a solution but the results are the same:[pouts: it just dont want to run at 1600 c8 with out freezing at the end.


Now so far i have try everything i have read in this forum , clear bios run xmp, try one by one the moduls , and set the values manual, same results!

For me though it takes more that an hour , some times more than 2hours to get that freeze, i dont know may be i just dont stress enuff the ram to get the freeze in 30min like most of u ...


RAM guy mention in one threat that it may be actualy the cpu "i7 860" that dont want to OC the ram to 1600....question: is it posible that he cant run the 1600 vers but he runs the 2000vers? i am not trying to be ironic or smart guy here, i am just new to this stuff (and i always will be, so please dont take it the wrrong way)

Then again i am not 100% sure about the 2000vers , it may have been a diferent cpu, like i sayd i have been looking in diferent forums for a week now, i may have mix up things.


final word and a question: is this problem being looked at, is there going to be a fix or something that will let us run thouse ram's at 1600 with out any problems ? or all of us i7 860 users just cant do more that the default of 1333!


thank you in advance g


PS: sorry for my bad english

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You're running the memory in an untested configuration, namely 2 kits that weren't tested together. What's the version # of each kit?


You haven't said if done any testing, so... test one stick at a time in the same slot using Memtest86+ v4.00. Turn XMP on (or set the BIOS up manually), legacy USB support off (to prevent false positives).

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