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Strange problem when adding more memory.


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Hello there


I got a very strange problem. I am running windows 7 64 bit and I am using corsair ddr2 xms 2 pro series memory. When I insert 2 banks it is working fine. However when I add 2 more and reboot my pc my mouse pointer becomes invisible the mouse still works but I cannot see the mouse pointer. Removing the extra memory solves the problem however I still would like to use this extra memory otherwise it would be a waste of my money. :[pouts:


I also experience the same problem on windows xp 64 bit version however then the mousepointer becomes a black block :sigh!:


Motherboard: MSI 975X Platinum PowerUP Edition

processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 6600-based


I set the memory in my bios to 4-4-4-12

The voltage to 2.1


Any help would be appreciated.



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Sorry for the first part.


About the memory:


2x CM2X 1024-6400PRO

1.90v VER 4.2


2 X CM2X 1024-6400PRO

XMS 6405 V4.1


I also experience the problem with other memory not from corsair. So I think the problem is probably a setting in the bios or maybe something with my motherboard.


Thanks so far.



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