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TR3X3G1600C8D not stable


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Hello .

My probleme are my system are not stable when i run prime 95 Blend test ,

For the overclocking when i run at 4ghz or 4.2ghz on small ftt it s ok ,

but when i make blend test or large ftt even at stock voltage and at the good timing that s not working anymore.

when i buy the memory i have the version 3.1 ,i RMA the kit and they send me the 2.2 version kit and thats the same thing ,i try all the setting i can but no sucess .


Help please


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The memory pass memtest whit or whitout overclocking in dos but i will test it tonight all the night again for make sure .It s only when i use prime 95 or occt and it s not the small fft only blend test and large fft .


Then i will give you a answers tomorrow morning i think 10 hour it s good to make this test .


Thanks for our help

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Then i lest memtest pass for 20 hours and it s ok but i just dont understand

why is not stable in windows the bsod code are weird like a or 1b ,

Never 124 for qpi or 101 for vcore .


i am sure compatibility of the memory have somthing to do in that problem.

Thanks for your help .

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