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Various issues with TWIN2X4096-6400C5


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I recently installed CM2-2048-6400C5 and have been having some "paged pool" memory errors when running intensive games. I am not sure if memory is issue, and am seeking help.


I upgraded to 4G from 2G as I wanted to install Windows 7 x64. My prior memory was XMS2/CM2x1024-5400 running at 5-5-5-15 @ 800 or 4-4-4-12 @ 667; I was testing different timings for performance. The memory was rated for a 2.2v board, but ran fine at 1.8v (my boards fixed output). I upgraded to XMS2/CM2-2048-6400C5 under XP Pro and didn't have any issues, but only ran it for a day before I upgraded; XP 32-bit only reports 3.25G anyhow.


Now I installed 7 Pro x64 as a clean install on a brand new harddrive. No issues during installation. Although I have been having issues as of late when running memory intensive games. Generally if the game exceeds 500M +/- 25M, it crashes. I noticed this while running dual screen with process explorer running. Some games won't even start, crashing immediately to desktop with no error messages.


I checked CPU-Z for information (screen shots attached), checked motherboard settings and ran memtest (latest for multi-core). These are my findings.


Windows reports only 4029MB available, used to report 4030MB a few days ago prior to running memtest.


Memtest reported timing at 1-1-1-18 (or 13, don't recall) regardless of what settings I changed in memtest or BIOS. No other errors reported in memtest.


BIOS has been set at automatic and manual, always at 5-5-5-18 which is memory rating by SPD reading in BIOS and manu specs.


Is it normal to be missing 65-66MB of memory?


How come memtest didn't read or allow changes to timing to proper ratings?


Any reason why I might be experiencing crashes when memory usage for single application exceeds 500MB?


Additional notes: My board is an Intel DP965LT and only operates at 1.8v, so this was optimum XMS2 memory for my system. Nothing has been overclocked, ever. FSB operates at 799.2Mhz (CPU-Z reading).










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Memtest86 3.5 Release - http://www.memtest86.com/


Don't know what would be using it. The memory was reporting 4030 after a fresh install of OS, then after memtest was run went down by another MB. Only extra hardware device in system is Hauppague HVR-1250 TV Card. All devices are using WHQL drivers.


Even if I kill all processes which are not essential, still have missing 60 odd MB. Just plain odd.


BIOS settings have been changed a couple of times, at least a few minimum changes, and no change in missing memory. Some changes have been activate/deactivate - HPET, Parallel port, Legacy USB support, sound card, LAN. These were done as I was attempting to troubleshoot.

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Ran Memtest v4 per your suggestion, got the same timing readings and it also only showed 4030M of RAM. I let test run for 2 passes before killing, nothing changed.


Just in case there was a BIOS setting invalid, I reset all to defaults - same conclusion. I also re-flashed the BIOS (per another HW forum) and same results. Later today I am going to put the old 2G XMS2 sticks into system and see what Memtest reports. If it is still the same then it may be an error with memory controller on motherboard? I was thinking possibly voltage could be culprit as well? PSU was purchased at same time as MB/CPU and is a 430W unit, PCIe compliant and independent rails for voltage to devices. Dunno.



The ICH temperature never changes.





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So I swapped out the memory for the old stuff, also XMS2, and got same readings regarding some missing RAM and timing (1-1-1-31).


Is the timing the same for everyone running Memtest, or is my board reporting wrong information?


I can at least rule out bad memory.

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