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Corsair 64GB SSD Performance Series Issue


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I have just put together a new pc, and im experiencing problems with my Corsair 64GB Performance Series SSD.


It just randomly freezes and will not unfreeze, when its freeze i can't move the cursor and access the pc in anyway shape or form. I have left the pc for hours once frozen to see if it fixes it self, unfortunately it doesnt.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Did some benchmark testing using AS SSD Benchmark.


The first test froze my pc during the 4k write testing, i turned the pc off and did another test which was successful.




Any help would be appreciated!





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Have you tested this setup using a conventional hard drive? This would be my first recommendation since it's a new system.


Also, your system profile doesn't list how much RAM you have. I assume it's 3GB or less. Please confirm this and update your profile.


Also, I just ran the same banchmark on my SSD. Note that mine is a bit slower due to the older firmware.







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