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Rapid power on/off cycles on start-up before posting


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I have just bulit a new system with an ASUS M4N78 Pro mb and an AMD processor with a Corsair 550W psu. On initial power-up, the power cycles on/off anywhere from 2-6 times in rapid succession before posting. For example, if I have the CD tray out when I turn it on, it will start and stop the CD tray during the motion in to the chasis typically 3 times before the power goes on and stays on to where the BIOS will take over and it posts.


I have reset the BIOS to original configuration, and reset the CMOS, as well as reloading all drivers and software. (Which should have nothing to do with it as after it posts and starts reading the hard drive it runs stable.) ASUS tech support suggests it might be the power supply, but this is a brand new psu. Not that that couldn't be the problem. Has anyone else run into this? Any ideas on how to check it without buying a new psu?

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