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Computer crashing at seemingly random points?


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I have my Q9550 at stock, along with the rest of my hardware. Yet, still, about 2-3 times a day, it will either BSOD or just hard shut down.


The latest was when I was downloading a game from Steam and watching a movie on YouTube when bam, weird colours on the screen for half a sec and then reboot. There was not even a "you have recovered from a fatal error" message upon re-entering Windows.


However, it has also caused random BSOD's in Windows, each time with a different program (E.g. System drives, Logitech Software, Soundcard software).


This has only just developed in the last week or so and given my PC is at stock frequencies, i'm stumped. Oh, memory passes multiple loops of memtest86+ as well, that was my original worry.


Could it be my lovely HX620W? I bought it in 28/04/2008.

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I'm noticing something similar with my build (Non-Corsair 600W). However, I've got a Radeon 5850 on the way and I'm thinking it will get worse as opposed to better.


Methinks it's time for a new power supply and it's sounding like you're in the same position as well.


That is, unless someone else has input.

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Oops , forgot about this. My PC actually went in the end.


Turns out it was the graphics card causing the problems, not the PSU. A friend and I switched cards and his worked fine in my pc, but my 4870 crapped out each time in his.


Also noticed the critical core power failure LED lighting up each time.

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