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Corsair 6400C4 in Asus P5QL Pro


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Hi all.


I just bought a new mobo, the ASUS P5QL Pro, to replace my old DFI board. The DFI didn't like running my memory at 800Mhz, so it was running at 700-something.


The Asus board supposedly supports faster memory, but we're experiencing random reboots, and having changed every other part in the machine, a problem with the memory (or memory settings) is the last likely possibility.


The bios has these stupid 'Auto' settings. You can put the values in manually. We've tried:


4-4-4-12 for the timings at 2.0 and 2.1 volts.

5-5-5-15 for the timings.


Reducing the speed to 709.


Im not confident the settings are correct, though. The bios wants.


FSB Strap to North Bridge

DRAM Frequency


1st, 2nd and 3rd times:


CAS Latency

CAS Delay

RAS Precharge

RAS Activate to Precharge

RAS to RAS Delay

Row Recfresh Cycle Time

Write Recovery Time

Read to Precharge Time


(Why three times? Each one has a different set of auto information in it).



Memory Voltage.


Those are the memory related options I can see. I wish it would show you what it selected for the Auto options...


Any suggestions for what to set for each option (and also what other stuff to turn off / change if anyone else has had random reboots on the Asus board, it looks like it's got some overclocking stuff - all I want is a stable system) would be much appreciated.



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Just to add, the board was running OK with one stick in, but crashes with all four in, or with a pair running in interleaved mode.


I'm testing with two sticks at the moment running in single channel mode at 707Mhz. At the moment it seems stable.


I can't, however, figure out how to fill all four slots and have it run in single channel (although that could just be because this is a new bios and I've overlooked the option). From what I can see, though, the bios is trying to be 'helpful' and auto selecting the appropriate mode.


I'd appreciate any thoughts on the issue - shouldn't the memory run OK in interleaved mode? Shouldn't it be running at 800Mhz 4-4-4-12? Originally we exchanged the Asus board, so this is two boards that now have the crashing problem, I'm starting to suspect faulty RAM....


Unfortunately two sticks in interleaved doesn't even stay up long enough to run a memtest :(

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