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Three 2x2GB vs One 6x2GB Dominator for x58


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I am comparing the

CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 $23.75 per GB


CMD12GX3M6A1600C8 $34.16 per GB


They are the same latency and same voltage.

I was thinking the 4GB kit is geared toward P55 users who are looking for budget builds.

The hex kit is geared toward enthusiasts who are willing to spend more to begin with.

Throw together 3 of these kits and put a different stickers on it to milk more money from the X58 users?

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You could end up with 3 different versions of the 4 GB kit and they won't be guaranteed to work together because they haven't been tested with each other.


The 12 GB kit is guaranteed to run at spec. It's up to you what's more important, cheaper memory or guaranteed memory.


BTW, the price depends on when they bought it, as IC prices change greatly.

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