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VS512MB400 vs cmx512mb


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I had 2 VS512MB400 dual channel, it has been running great. Recently, I bought 2 cmx512mb to increase my memory to 2gb.


I had to change the cas to 2t for it to work. Windows would not load at all during start up when I use 2.5. Now, I have various blue screen (using 2t) when Window is loading. Blue screen happens before the "window loading scene". Usually, it's 2/3 that the blue screen would appear. However, when window complete its loading, everything is "A-OK" - I am blue screen free.


I am assuming the problem is my old VS512MB400 could not handle 2T. But then, my new ram won't run at 2.5. If I run the four rams at 3T would that work? Will it kill my computer? I read over the Cas Latency tutorial, but I still don't understand it.


So what can I do?

1) increase it to 3t

2) sell the rams back on Ebay

3) reposition the ram



Thank You.

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