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Possible VoyagerGT 16gb counterfeit - Need advice


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First off, i'm sorry if text ends up confusing, English isn't my mother language.


So, i received yesterday a brand new Corsair Voyager GT 16gb (CMFUSB2.0-16GBGT) stick , and after reading all about counterfeits, hacked generic sticks and etc, i got worried that the stick i got might have been a fake one, so i did some testing and came up with the following...


Note: the pros/cons are from someone who never had a corsair USB flash or knows anyone who does, for comparisons:


Pros (what i figure is on a legit stick):


-Flash came with usb extension cord and and lanyard for carrying it around the neck;


-Imprinted numbers/letters on both sides of the USB connector;

G16G / FG2990309 in the front

09386038-0 in the back


-Real-Deal 16GB capacity, even after formatting it via the windows utility, prompt command and the SDFormatter V2.0.0.3;


-Red rubber wings are really red rubber, not painted;


-Under the 'Hardware' tab in its properties in Windows XP SP3, it reads "Corsair VoyagetGT USB Device", same reading i got when first plugged it in the PC;

-Blue LED lit up when i inserted it


-Label in the backprint of the blister, listing what seems to be a serial number, an "assy in china" text right under the model nº(see pic)



Cons (what made me doubt its authencity)


-Benchmarking speeds i got with HD bench and HD Tune Pro:

(I'm not sure those readings are normal using a sempron 2600+ 2GB ram, on Windows XP pro SP3)






-After reading this link http://reviews.ebay.ie/How-To-Spot-Fake-Corsair-Flash-Drives_W0QQugidZ10000000011210190 I noticed i can't really feel any hard metal casing underneath the rubber, more like im pressing the PCB doing it, although it doesnt feel like the inner parts are smaller than the casing;


-Manufacturer ID on both Control Panel's Device Manager or drive properties aren't identified;


-No "16gb" writing on the indicator bulb;



Also, when i finished the read/write tests, i pulled the flash from the USB port by the lanyard when in a hurry, and the rubber casing fell off from the PCB, making it looks even more suspicious


The guy who sold me the flash drive insists its an original device and that he imported it from COS Memory, Germany (im in Brazil), and has all the customs documentation and etc...


Have i been scammed and sold a fake flash drive, or it is in fact a genuine product, which i just happened to be unlucky enough on the reading/writing speeds and the fact the rubber casing fell off the PCB?

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I'd wait an official answer, but the fact that you can feel the PCB isn't a good sign. Bought the USB stick from an end user on eBay or the like and not a store I take it?


COS Memory is listed as a Corsair distributor, but I'm curious, why didn't you or him just buy it in Brazil, as there are a couple of Corsair resellers / distributors in Brazil.

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I found this e-shop on the internet... And at the occasion i contacted the resellers they informed me their corsair flash drives were out of stock and didnt have a good prediction on when new units would arrive, i needed the flash on some hurry, besides this shop's prices were about the same range as one of the original resellers, so i thought wouldn't be a problem


Good thing the shop seller i'm keeping contact with assured me that if anything, they will refund me if i'm not satisfied by either the speed or the quality of the product... I'm waiting for official answer as well before making any moves, because since the rubber casing fell off, i'll either replace it or get a refund, depending if someone such as RamGuy states either if its indeed a fake or just a faulty drive

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Yeah, i had a neckstrap attached to it(not Corsair's, haven't opened that one yet), noticed i was late for an appointment and pulled it off with some hurry. I noticed first time it kinda slipped a little... With no effort at all it eventually came off.. *LOOKS* like entre PCB is covered by some kind of silicon-like substance.. Just took a couple pics with my phone camera, cause atm its the only one i have at hand, lmk if u need better ones.. Here ya go, both sides:


Front: Engraved G16G / FG2990309 on the connector



Back: Engraved 09386038-0 on the connector


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  • Corsair Employees
Please submit the RMA request from the link on the left side of the page, however, if you purchased this from a reseller from ebay they will refuse the RMA and may not return the item if it turns out to be counterfeit.
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Please submit the RMA request from the link on the left side of the page, however, if you purchased this from a reseller from ebay they will refuse the RMA and may not return the item if it turns out to be counterfeit.


Actually it was from an e-shop i found online.. The Brazil's official resellers were out of stock by the time i contacted them, so i got from this shop instead...


Is there any way to confirm the authenticity of this product at all? Because if it is indeed counterfeit i'll have my money refunded, and will make do with what i got around here until the resellers restock their 16gb GT flash drives (that was my last choice, but it's looking like i'll have to abide for this solution)

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I just sent them an e-mail asking if i do submit the RMA, if they will guarantee the refund in case the RMA is denied or it is identified as a counterfeit and the flash gets discarded..


Will post an update as soon as i get a response

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