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Fan speed controller settings and H50


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I'm speccing up a new build and probably will be using the H50 as my CPU cooler and have a quick question on the fan speed controller. Proposed CPU is Intel i5 750 and motherboard is Gigabyte GA P-55 UD5.


I plug the radiator fan into CPU Fan 4-pin socket (marked CPU_FAN on the mobo) and the pump goes into any 3-pin socket? Do I need to disable the motherboard fan speed controller to make sure the pump always runs properly or does that only work with the 4-pin fan sockets?


In terms of overall airflow, i was going to go with the intake over the radiator from the rear 120 mm fan port, evacuate through the top 140 mm port with a fan. Would a second 120 mm intake fan in the side wall near the video card be a good idea? The don't cost much so has a negligible effect on the overall build cost?




Edit: The proposed new build specs are in my system specs bit.

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Correct on the connections. I have my fan intaking from the rear of the case and I've got 2 120mm fans on the top blowing out. And then the main system fan also blowing in from the front of the case.


I would say disable and/or make sure the fan control is at 100% for starters and monitor the speed. I've got Everest and have it showing my speeds on my G19 keyboard, my pump speed runs around 1300 rpm and my fan speed runs close to 1700 rpm at 100%. I set Everest to give me an alarm if they dip under a certain number. I installed speedfan and I cut my fan speed down to 1400 rpm, I can tell the difference by the noise, and I'm not really seeing any temp difference on my CPU, so I leave it at that, though I have it set to go back to 100% if the CPU hits a certain temp.


I'd say the side fan isn't needed unless you feel the video card needs some cooling, but then I don't like side fans, I have enough fans in the case already. :) My 5870 is like any of the stock ATIs for the past 18 months, they run a little hotter at load then I'd like, but compared to the stock 4850s I used to have, the stock fan on the 5870 isn't bad noise wise, it's running at 20% normally and will kick up into the 30s when I'm playing games. I can notice the slight sound difference, but it's not bad, so I'm undecided if I want to force the fan to run faster to see if I can keep the temps from hitting 80 degrees or just live with it because if ATI/XFX didn't want the temp that high, they'd have made the fan run faster, right? I might still go with a 3rd party cooler down the road if I see one I like, using 3rd party on my 4850s dropped their temp by 20 degrees.

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