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X128 Performance in Windows 7


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I have been using an X128 for a few months and am very pleased. I wanted to share my experiences.


I see in the forums a lot of questions about HDD performance degrading over time. Hopefully this info will answer some of them.


I am using Windows 7 64-bit. AHCI is enabled, and a clean install of Windows 7 was done to the X128. Motherboard is a Gigabyte EP35-DS3L F6 BIOS.


This HDD has been a pleasure, moving from a raptor to this is quite the speed and noise improvement! System boot is incredibly fast and game load times have decreased significantly. I was concerned about a drop in performance over time but have not seen anything of that nature. In fact when you look at the pics you will see after 2 months no drop in SSD performance.


Sometimes ATTO reports my write speeds drop by 20MB/s (Look at the 2weeks pic) but over a day or so it cleans itself up and performance returns to normal. To me this is evidence of garbage collection functioning.


Attached to this post are pics from clean install then two weeks later as well as two months later. This system is used for gaming and has about 70 Gig free on the SSD. Drive indexing has been disabled.




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Thanks for the info.


I personally think that people are a bit too touchy about the performance degradation. I mean your example shows that on an average PC used at home/office the degradation barely takes place. And even if, the drive returns to normal by itself.

Besides benchmarks are one thing, but I can bet that you didn't feel any performance drop at all... or did you?;):

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