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HX1000 buzz when scrolling


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I have an issue with my HX1000 PSU.


I used to have a different rig then I have now and the power supply was working just fine. Now I have a new PC and included the hx1000.


The issue is:

When I open Internet Explorer and a FLASH components shows up, the PSU starts making a strange eletrical buzzy sound, especially when I scroll with the page. As soon as I close the IE window, its ok.


I am 100% sure its coming from the PSU


Any ideas?


My specs are:


intel i7 920 (noctua well air cooled)

corsair 3x2gb 1600mhz

evga gtx295

corsair p64 ssd

silverstone temjin tj09 case (good airflow and cable managment)

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