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X64 No longer recognised/working


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I recently bought (1 month ago) a Corsair X64 SSD & it worked perfectly until I switched on my PC this morning & I got the bios message to insert boot disc/drive. I restarted the PC & went into the BIOS & found that the SSD was no longer listed there. I swapped SATA ports & cables to no avail, I swapped the drive out completely & put it in my other PC & it still wasn't seen.


I can see a green LED lit up inside the drive when I power up.


Is there anything I can do or do I simply return it to the store?




Part # CMFSSD-64D1

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Try unplugging the drive from your system completely - leave it for about 20 minutes. Remove your motherboard battery at the same time. When 20 minutes have passed put the battery back in (preferably a new one, just in case its on the way out) reconnect your SSD and make sure it is on Sata port 1 and all other drives you have are connected starting from the last port - i.e. 6,5,4,3 .... put the optical drive on the last port. Go straight into the Bios setup and select the default settings .... you can tweak them later if you need to .... reboot and see what happens.


If this doesn't work then it looks like the drive has moved on to pastures new.

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