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RMA procedure for faulty X256 (Europe)


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Hi, I'm posting here what I wrote to RAMGuy (i think) through support form... maybe some of you can answer to my questions...


Hi, I'm contacting you before requesting an RMA for one of the three X256 SSD I bought: after about a month of use in RAID0 configuration one of those SSD failed and stopped to be shown in BIOS.

As I can understand it is a common issue and to solve it I had to ship the drive to you, using RMA procedure, for replacement/repair. Right?

If yes here is my second question: as all the three SSD are from the same batch (09320108, the incriminated one as I can read on the forum) may I ship to you also the two good-working SSD, together the faulty one, to have them checked and then repaired/replaced/(firmware)updated? Just because I don't want the issue repeated with those other two in the future...

Third question: as, caused by this issue, I have my system down I have urgency to have my drive(s) back to functionality ASAP; may I take advantage of "advance replacement for RMA"?? I'll pay for three new-fault-free drive and when you'll receive my drives you will refound me...

Generally how long does it take to have SSDs replaced/repaired/updated-to-fault-free-firmware through the "standard RMA procedure" against, eventually, through "advance replacement for RMA" (doesen't matter how long it will take to have them refounded) considering that I live in Italy? I would be happy to know if Corsair has a repair/swap center here in Europe as to shorten shipping and re-shipping procedure (doesn't matter shipping costs I have to sustain, I'll ship with faster UPS' delivery option at my cost)


Please answer ASAP and however, please, open a case and give me a ticket I can refer in RMA.




Ambrogio Calcaterra

Milano- Italy

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I submitted my request three days ago and the RMA two days ago and still no answer from Support neither from RamGuy (the link above). The only answer I reciveid was to explain me that to take advantage of "advance replacement for RMA" I had, previosly, to submit an RMA... Thanks...


Too bad service!


Whereas I paid 1.800 Euros (3 X256, 600 Euros each) for a buggy and unreliable device (and They know that it is) I expect a much more prompt and efficient service...


Please note that I was also ready to take advantage of "advance replacement RMA" meaning I would pay again the full price for the SSDs to have new/fault-free devices shipped in advance...


Definitively the product and the service aren't worth the price :-(


Ambrogio Calcaterra

Milano - Italy

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