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3000 rpm too much for push/pull?


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there is no reson why it should be too much? what do u think might happen if the fans perform too well?


No my concern was with sandwiching the radiator, im fairly new to this stuff like I said i wanted to be sure before I screw anything up.





And thanks to everyone I think im gonna keep my 2k at the push and put the 3k at the pull and put the other 2 at the top for now see how that helps.



The cfm is 133.60 btw.


Thanks all

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ah i see, no your improved airflow will help, i never heard of 2 fans insulating the radiator so that it heated up.


with such high airflow i would expect really good temps :D


are those fans 38mm thick?


yeah they are 38mm i got em from newegg did the install today actually mounted the radiator up top, and with those 2 mixed my idles went from 45 to 36 which gives me more oc room.

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I just got 3 3krpm case fans, now should i just put these at the top of my 800d to replace some 1800 rpm fans or can i sandwich the radiator with them.


Just dont want to do something stupid if its a bad idea :confused:






Refer to this




Now what that will not show is other tests I ran.


With the fans at 100%(3k rpms) I averaged 81.25c across my 4 cores overclocked at 4ghz running 5 loops of IBT


With the fans at 60%(2k rpms) I averaged 83.25c across my 4 cores overclocked at 4ghz running 5 loops of IBT


So as you can see by that simple test I ran is that 3000rpm>2000rpm. You can assume that the less speed you have the higher the temps.


Ignore the people who say "Rpm's don't matter CFM is what matters" They are just being technical, common sense tells you rpms=more cfm




And as others have said if the fans are different speeds the faster one will tear up the slower one, it may work for a long time that way or may work a few months who knows. If you run different speeds though I would run the faster one pulling the hot air out and the slower one pulling the cool air in.


The best thing you can do until you get both fans the same speed is to hook the 3k to the mobo or a fan controller and turn it down so it runs as close to 2k rpms as possible. If you do that you shouldn't need to buy identical fans

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