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Hello, I have a newb RAM question, maybe someone can help?


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Hello all, this is my first post here....




My friend currently gave me his computer. Its a PC running on a ABIT AA8XE mother board.




Currently i only have 1 gig of ram


2 x 512 DDR2-SDRAM PC4300 266mhz




my question is this:




i want to upgrade my ram to 2 or 3 gigs (as i think 4gigs wont work on a 32bit system)


when upgrading i see things like PC2-5300, PC2-8500, and mhz alot higher then my 266mhz




so if i upgrade to a 2gig kit that is PC2-8500 and 1066mhz


A) will that work?


B)will my current memory (pc4300 266mhz) slow down the NEW memory making it run at that speed?




i am trying to figure out if i should just add the NEW 2 gigs, along with the old memory


OR if i should remove the old, and just have the new 2 gigs in there




which would be faster?




2gigs new + 1gig of the old


or just 2 of the new?




sorry if this question sounds silly to some, but im hoping you can help




PS: do i need memory that coes with the heat sink on it, or it really doesnt make a diff?










also, does the type of processor i have matter?


like its fsb speed in conjunction with the ram




thanks again, i'm waiting on answering these question before i place my order here

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ok so...i figured out the something like pc6400/800mhz is backward compatible to my pc4200/533mhz BUT.....is it plug and play? OR will i have to adjust settings in BIOS?


i've narrowed it down to this:


Corsair XMS2 4gb (2x2gb) PC6400 800mhz




will this work in a plug and play fashion, or will i have to tweak it??????

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hey guys.....thanks alot.....i just pulled the trigger, this is what i bought


Corsair XMS2 DHX 2GB 2 GB Dual Channel PC6400 DDR2 800


here is my final question.....do i just install it and forget about it, or since its PC6400, will i have to mess with anything in the bios


thanks alot again!!!!


im going to pick up the memory and install now, so im excited!

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  • Corsair Employees
No make sure that you have the latest BIOS and then load setup defaults and set the memory Voltage to 1.9 Volts and I would set the memory frequency at DDR667 with that MB and CPU, but you are welcome to try over clocking if you wish.
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ok so i got the ram in hand, and im gonna install it

some more newbie questions, so again i appologize and thanks for bearing with me


i do not want to overclock or anything like that....the less i can mess with bios and things like that, the more comfortable i will be


that being said...do i NEED to update my bios?

my comp is working fine as is...

is there any risk in performing this update?


secondly, do i NEED to raise the voltage to 1.9, and change the memory frequency?


all i do is browse the net, and play some games....i dont do any hardcore video editting or proccesing


so is doing the above things a MUST, or is it just something you do to tweak out a little bit more performance?


also, ive read about changing the CPUs bus speed.....


again i rather just plug and play UNLESS there is like a huuuge difference, or if NOT doing any of these things will be negative

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hey RAM GUY, so i installed 4 x 1gb Corsair XMS2 DHX Dual Channel PC6400 DDR2 800 and the computer started up normally.


on startup it read 3.4gb, DDR533, host DRAM 200/266mhz



i went into BIOS and changed the DDRII SDRAM Voltage to 1.9v like you said.


Then i went into CPU Operating Speed --> DRAM FREQ(cpu:dram)

i had a few options, auto(default) and DDR400/533/600....no DDR667 like you said

so i left that alone and just changed the voltage


times were 4-4-4-12



restarted and went to CPU-Z, under memory it says 266.4mhz and FSB:DRAM 3:4



my questions are:


is mem freq=dram freq ?

if so, do i change it ddr600 or just leave it at auto?


on my CPU my rated FSB is 799mhz

do i even adjust anything on the CPU in conjunction with this




does everything else ive mentioned look fine or should i change anything else?

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yes the system is stable and running well

i thought that maybe something was running running it the way it is


if there would be a BIG performance boost, id wanna make adjustments...

but if there is a risk of complications or something, then i'll leave it alone as per your advice


thanks again RAM GUY

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  • Corsair Employees
CPUZ shows you the actual frequency, so if it lists 266MHz, you are actually running at DDR533. You can try increasing the speed if you have the option, but it looks like it may be pushing it for this board.
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