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HX1000 blew my fuses!


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Hello everyone, first time poster here :)


This morning i was playing some aion with a friend when all of a sudden my whole place went dark, and i thought damn fuses :) so i went out and checked the fuse box and i found one fuse that was blown. i replaced it and as soon as it made contact in its socked it blew again and i heard a "pop" sound from the computer room. so i unplugged everything exept the lights in the computer room and put in a new fuse and it worked, all lights came on. next i started plugging stuff back in and when i turned on the psu on the computer i saw a flash inside it and the fuse blew again. so the psu is clearly broken and my question is; if i buy a new hx1000 can i use the same modular cables that i already have or do i need to use the ones that comes with the new psu? or if i would rma it how long would it take to get a new one (i live in sweden) ?

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