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Gigabyte P31-S3G and TWIN2X4096-6400C5 G


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I used to OC the CPU at 10x300 MHz, have the RAM run at 600 MHz at manual voltage setting. The motherboard is suppose to support 1.8 v RAM. But I have never seen vdimm lower than 1.95 v. I can only increase vdimm by 0.1 v, not decrease. The RAM was running at 600 MHz at 1.95 v.


The kit died today. I received the kit from the RMA 3 weeks ago.


Is the slightly high voltage frying the RAM?

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Does that mean the underlying problem is with me underclocking the RAM? I run them at 1:1 with the CPU.


Gigabyte tech support simply told me not to worry if the RAM were tested fine at 1.95 V and recommended me to add some fans. I don't have case fans anymore. I simply removed the side panel and left it in open air.


Is it a problem on my side or is it simply by chance that I have two dead pairs of RAM in one year? It's a good thing there's Corsair wonderful and quick support and replacement.

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