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h50 temp help


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ok today i went and got the h50 to replace my cool master 212 plus that i have 2 fans on it also sense i herd it was doing pretty good with the push and pull setup.


so i installed it pop on the stock fan and pop on one of my high performance red led fans.


and started up the computer to check out the temps and it was around 38 to 42c just siting which im fine with that sense my 212 was around 43c to 45c always .


than i loaded up a stress program which i use Everest and the load temps was around 55 to up to 58c... which was pretty much the same as the 212


my system temp is cooler with the h50 than the 212 but it seems like i cant get this cpu to stay cold no matter what i use..


my cpu is a amd 940 quad black overclocked @3.8ghzs@1.55v ya i know pretty high voltage but it seems like that's the ony way i could get it stable.


my case is the haf 922 which the front fan blows in top fan blows out and i have 2x 120mm fans blowing in on the side and have the h50 fans blowing out i also tried in and it pretty much didn't do much..


it seems to be mounted right i have the block line up so the corsair logo is even have the hoses facing up and have the screws pretty tight down.


ony thing i didn't try is thermal paste sense im using the stock pad right now.


on my 212 i was using o c z artic freeze paste which did better than as5 in my case like 2 to 4c colder so i was wondering is thermal paste better than the stock pad on the h50?


i want to get my temps down to at least under 55c.




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my cpu is a amd 940 quad black overclocked @3.8ghzs@1.55v ya i know pretty high voltage but it seems like that's the ony way i could get it stable.


That IS very high voltage - think its the max tat the amd940 is supposed to be able to take :eek:


to me your 58 degs is pretty good, im getting more than that on 3.7, but im still working on my set up - i think i have a weak fan attached which i might replace with an apache soon. (no, not the helicopter)


there are only 3 things i can think will improve your performance:


better fans

thermal paste

and snow :p:


there are some very strong 38mm deep case fans around if sound is not an issue.


u already have a thermal paste lined up, would be cool if you could post results if you try it, i think another guy using a core i7 saw an improvement after swapping the pad for arctic silver.


i think the snow would cause more problems than solutions :p:

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ya i don't really like to run it that high of a voltage but its been pretty much running 1.5 to 1.55 for like 4 to 5months so far with no problems other than its being unstable lol but i just found out with the h50 its stable now even with lower voltage:)


was runing it at 1.55 sense that was the ony voltage to get this cpu semi stable which sometimes i get blue screens and freezes and restarts but with the h50 on i ran Everest for couple hours and it was not crashing and than i lower the volts down to 1.52 and still was good than down to 1.50 and it was good still:) i even played lfd2 and borderlands for couple hours and it was not crashing like it use to with the cool master heat sink.


what i think what is helping is the h50 fits on nice and tight with no moveing and putting steady pressure on the cpu the cool master felt loose and just didn't seem like it was on right which it was and didn't like how the heat pipes was on it either they touch the cpu instead of being all flat.


right now i have it at 1.47v and hopefully it is stable with that.


but still the load temps still seems kinda high to me i usely like to stay under 55c which i thought the h50 will do but putting thermal paste on might do just that:)


fans i don't really think is the problem sense they all have high cfm


but ya when i try the thermal paste i post back with results:)


hmm snow would help maybe i should put some in my system...........................................................................,,,,.........jokeing:)

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Im running the push/pull setup with the radiator sandwiched and the best setup I found was to use 2 ******** 3speed 120mm fans set to hi, both sucking into the case. The 2nd one made a pretty good diffmu 3.1GHZ CPU is OCed to 3.7GHZ & it now idles @ 30c.

Max loads playing Crysis Warhead is about 40c but no higher.You going to find it very hard to stay under 55c on loads due to several factors one being its a higher voltage CPU and its a quad. Now the fact that your OCing it? Your temps seem about right, you have to remember the air being drawn in to cool the radator is at room temp so unless you live in Alaska with the back of the PC facing an open window ......well you get the idea. Push pull hi-speed fans, stock CPU clocks & voltages, & a cool PC room = lowest temps. Anything beyond this and the temps are going up just not as hi as say a cheap air cooling fan would. A slightly negative case flow helps too run the top exhaust fan on med or hi & all others on low. Run the 2 fans on the push/pull on the radatior on hi. This setup cools the radiator best ive found. Good luck. Either way considering the processor your OCing your temps are in line just fine.

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so far got the temps under 55c ran Everest stress thing for 12hours and the temp was around 53 to 54c and the system didn't crash like it did with the other heatsink and its even at a lower vcore which it didn't like before:)


everything else is much cooler to seems like this cooler has to break in after couple days.


so far im happy with it:biggrin:



but ya the 2x big 200mm fans one in front and the one on top is pretty much a low rpm fan ony running at 700rpm each ony fans that running high speed is the ones on the radiator the stock h50 fan that is pulling and a Roswell red led fan that pushing think that's around 70cfm does it matter if im runing 2 fans diffrent cfm on the radiator?


im not sure what the cfm is on the stock h50 fan but im sure its lower than 70cfm.



oh and 2x120mm fans pushing in on the side of the case which is Roswell to at 70cfm at high speed cant really slow them down cause i don't have a fan controller yet..



also i got the fans on the radiator pushing out of the case in the back is that good or should i have them push in the case?


so far im happy were the temps is staying now but if i could squeeze little more out of it from changing the fans around than that would be great lol

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