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Replace HX750W?


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Hi I am sorry to bother but I put together a new PC yesterday and everything was working properly until today. I turned on my pc and about after an hour or so it shut off. I went into the other room and asked my father if the power went out in the room he was in and he said nope.


I went back to turn on the pc and it powered on for about two or three seconds then powered off. I saw the standby light on the motherboard so I thought the ram or another component broke. I switched out my ram and video card and it was still the same. I checked the cpu and it didnt look damaged or anything. I made sure everything was connected right.


I came to here and tried the paper clip test and the fan came on for about two seconds and went off. I did this ten times to make sure I wasnt doing anything wrong. Is the power supply broken or something? And if so should I try to ask NewEgg to replace it?


Thanks for any help someone can give me.


[update 1]

This morning I tried again and it wouldn't even start up. I tried the paper clip test again and it didn't even start up like it did before for a few seconds before shutting off. I guess I will call NewEgg. I just hope none of my other stuff is broken.

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