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Faulty CMX1024-3200C2PT


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Today I decided to fire up one of my offline rigs and received a "memory test failed" at the BIOS screen. This is an Athlon XP-M Barton/Abit NF7-S v2.0 setup with BIOS settings 11.0 x 200MHz CPU, 2-3-3-11 memory with FSB:DRAM 1:1 and vDimm of 2.8. Total RAM is 2 sticks CMX1024-3200C2PT running dual channel in Dimm slots 3 and 2 (per Abit's instructions) for a total of 2GB. This rig has been running successfully for at least 2 years based on this setup with no changes.


Obviously with a memory failure I ran memtest86+ using both sticks in the current setup with the result being an immediate failure on test #1(LOADS of errors that seem to never stop). To try and determine which stick (or both) was faulty I removed the one from dimm2 slot and proceeded to run memtest86+ only on the ram in dimm3 (this by the way is the first slot to occupy for this board according to Abit). This setup ran fine with no errors for over an hour. Next I removed this stick and placed the previous ram stick from the original setup of dimm2 into dimm3 and ran the test again. Immediate failure on test #1 with LOADS of errors. Stop test and put the good ram stick back in dimm3 and ran memtest86+ again just to make sure. Again tests were 100% successful for another hour. Also as a side note, I unplugged and powered everything down, as well as grounded myself, when removing and changing the components out.


Unless I have left anything out, I would like to be granted an RMA please.


ALSO - I do not remember if these were in one package or two individual ones when I purchased them from Newegg ... BUT I do know they were bought at the same time. My question is do I need to send both of them in for replacement or do you have replacements in stock that will match up with the one that is not faulty? I do not want a replacement that will be incompatible with the good stick of ram. To the best of my knowledge, to run dual channel without issue the ram must be rated the same.


This is what I have (taken from the sticker on the side):


CMX1024-3200C2PT XMS3202v2.1

XMS3200 1024MB 400MHz CL2


Thanks for your time.

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Thanks for your response RAM GUY.


I went ahead and looked up my purchase from NewEgg on these and found out they were indeed sold together in one package as TWINX2048-3200C2PT.


Per your instructions I will send both sticks in for replacement.


Have a good Thanksgiving :)

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