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maybe the wierdest h50 set up


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This is why i need a new case :D:




at least thats what im telling the girlfriend, obviously the real reason is that i cant fit an ati 5970 in there :p:

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Na man thats a nice looking rig u have. I'm thinking you should enter it in a case moding contest :) only one small problem just my opinion I would think the hot air from the rad would be blowing right on the cpu/everything important ?


yeah exactly, im not happy about this. its made my case temps really high and im sure its gona be affecting my cpu temps too. im gona put it where my rear exhaust fan is and see what happens with the temps. (im a big concerned cause i got hot nb/mosfet heatsinks near there).


Wired, im not sure my set up is even good enough for that site, in all honesty what i got atm is just.... rubbish. :p:


at least it needs a lot more work before i can be happy

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The top and rear fans are all exhaust, ill never change that i still need good airflow.


This seems to be better for me:




(full res: http://dcbfua.blu.livefilestore.com/y1pl1UzIuJqjSZVbGiJA1YombfR3VrGvM2pXTDpPCV00fA9nYW65s0z3cjzMZIh5RNiP_rwmoXHbxkdOUj0r-gAUTm6yPKgH48-/20112009067.jpg )

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