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Windows 7 and Drivers


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I thought I would offer this as it may help some others.


I have just built (a couple of weeks ago) a shiny new i5-750/P55 system with a X64 SSD, running Windows 7 x64. I even overcame the obstacles MS put in my way to shift the "Users" directory from C: (SSD) to D: (Samsung 1TB F2).


However despite it working fine before I passed it on to my nephew for whom I built it, it kept freezing. I've been tearing my hair out the last couple of weeks trying to work out what the random freezing was.


Symptoms were a total freeze, but after a while the machine would come back and there were never any BSOD.


Finally as a last resort I installed the Intel Matrix drivers (I had changed the BIOS to AHCI mode). Lo and behold the problem disappeared.


I had avoided installing these drivers as they blocked TRIM support and although the X series does not yet support TRIM I assumed that it would be better not to install the Intel drivers until the right version came out. After all the Microsoft driver was bound to work wasn't it?


Well apparently not. So my advice to anyone experience freezing issues on a similar system that they should try the Intel drivers.


My thanks to this article for putting me in the right direction




but it does kind of imply that Microsoft have shipped faulty drivers from Vista with a Windows 7 RTM which is very scary. Reading around it does seem dependent on the command set implementation by the drive so your mileage may vary and I can only speak for the X64


Oh and the system is sweeeet! It has a zippiness that I don't remember in a long long time. (in fact to show you how old I am I remember Windows 386 )





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