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Asus P6T SE with TR3X6G1600C8D issues


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I built a new computer about more than a week ago, and I'm having a hard time finding "normal" settings for the memory.


Right now it's not stable. I've tried to set the memory in XMP 8-8-8-24 DDR3-1600, but Win7 64 bit freezes or reboot at first boot. I've also tried setting the memory to 9-9-9-24 DDR3-1333, and I still get some errors with MemTest (not Memtest86).


I don't want to overclock, so I just need to know which normal settings are working for the TR3X6G1600C8D with the ASUS P6T SE, or what could be the problem.


I've also noticed that I have the same problems that I've seen around here with the 6Gb seen as 4Gb.


I would appreciate it if someone would help.


Thank you!

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I've tested each ram individually with Memtest x86. The test passed on each of them, but once I put all them back together, and run a test with Memtest, it reboots automatically.


The PC seems stable when I set everything in AUTO in the BIOS, even though I have another memory test software that shows some errors.


I'm sending them back where I bought them, and I'm going to buy memories from one of Corsair's competitor. Sorry if I come a bit upset, but my PC is a working station, and I can't waste my time testing and hoping to find the right settings.

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