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TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX vs MCH voltage


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I have two questions regarding above ram kit (2 X 2 GB instaled on GA EP45-DS3P mobo):

1. I found on few sites (one of them was Gigabyte support) an information "suggested MCH Voltage to add (even for 2 X 1 GB) is +0.1V. When you start tweaking, overclocking, or just plain using 2 X 2GB or more you will need to add more MCH Voltage. Amount will vary but just moving up to +0.15V or +0.2V will usually do it for 2 X 2GB. More of course will need more". My mobo has normal MCH at 1.1V. What MCH setting would you recommend for that kit?


2. You recommend to set dram voltage to 2.1V. My question is if it is "normal" or maximum voltage for that kit? By "normal" I understand the voltage that is needed for proper working. Or maybe it will work without a problem at let's say 2.0V?


Thanks for reply

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