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HX1000W problem seems like dead or so...


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Hi there, i have owned a hx1000 for 3 months now and i have been using it for about 2 months. 2 weeks ago, i tried to boot my pc all fans started to spin lights came on and about half a second later it shut down. i closed the computer by pressing the switch off button for 5 secons and tried to boot again, it worked. the next day it did the same thing so i took out the gpu card and tried booting and it worked ok for about 2 weeks, now, same thing happened yesterday and today it took me about 15 tries before i could boot up the pc. im really worried that something is wrong with the psu, i bought the psu back in uk but now the pc is actually somewhere else so its going to be a pain in the back side if i have to RMA it and it seems like i have to :S also how long does the RMA process take considering im living in the UK
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