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New 400 CX - Windows boots slowly


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Current functioning:


I replaced the 250 watt PSU that came with the computer with a 400CX. Vista is now taking 6 minutes to boot to the Welcome page, and about 8 or 9 minutes to boot fully.





Before I made the switch the computer seemed fine. When I turned the computer on after installing 400CX, Vista did not boot. There was a message about a problem with Windows due to a hardware change. I clicked on Repair and then when prompted to I clicked on Restore to earlier version. After that the screen just stayed blank.


The next time I turned on the computer I ignored the Repair option and chose the Open Windows Normally option. After close to 10 minutes, Vista did open. I had lost a dll file, so I reloaded the application. Things seem to work OK, but Vista takes 8 minutes to load.


The connections have been checked by friends who claim to know what they are doing ;-)


What could be wrong?

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