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HX850W keeps rebooting


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I recently purchased last week a HX850W and installed it in my other computer.


The specs:


Abit P35 Pro motherboard

275 GTX video card

Windows XP Pro.


When I try to shut down the computer, it shuts down and then reboots.


I have checked all of the connections and they are hooked up correctly.


I had a 550 watt power supply before the HX850W and I didn't have this problem.


Any ideas what is causing this?

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The PSU is not able to power itself on, it requires a signal from the motherboard. It would seem that for some reason the PSU is getting a PWR on signal that is causing it to turn back on. I would try disconnecting the power and reset buttons on the case from the motherboard and see if you still have problems.
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