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Flash Survivor 32 GB - how to bring it back to life?


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Around one month ago I bought this beautiful 32GB Survivor via a web shop. The package arrived in no time in the original sealed package and the Survivor was exactly what I expected it to be, perfect (like most of Corsairs products). Two weeks ago I converted the drive from Fat32 to NTFS and life was still perfect.


This morning I copied some files I needed in the office from my home PC onto the Survivor and shut down the PC before removing the flash drive. In the office I booted my laptop (Windows 7 Ultimate x64) and once running I entered the drive in a free USB slot. I heard the familiar “Dong” when the drive was entered in the free USB slot but no Corsair showing up in windows explorer and no removable drive in the Disk Manager. The blue led that normally blinks most of the time was nowhere to find… it excelled in its absence. (note I've been using Survivor on my laptop on daily basis before without issues)


Then I tried the same with the office computer running Windows Xp Pro (32bit) and also here "a" USB device was recognized but no removable drive in explorer and drive manager.


Back home before typing this post I tried the whole thing again without success… which leads me to conclude that or my (and office) systems have lost the ability to recognize Survivor… or Survivor has lost the ability to make it visible to the computers….


I appreciate your assistance in having this Survivor working again.



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