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P5N7A-VM Paired with Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5


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I just built a new rig with a P5N7A-VM motherboard and the Corsair CM2X2048-6400C5 memory modules.


Everything worked fine until a few weeks after build my video starting "tearing" on me which after much trouble shooting lead me to find out the sticks were bad and are now in the process of being RMA'd.


However during the RMA process they had me set the motherboard to SPD settings and the voltage at 1.8, now from the manual of the sticks I believe the specs for this pair of sticks is at 1.9 volts. Now since this is a media machine I was not pushing those timing and was actually running at the SPD settings (I was in the process of testing tempature differences)


Regardless the issue that came up was my motherboards lowest voltage setting is 1.85, So my question is what is the actual voltage these sticks can be run at? Or better yet how should I configure my motherboard for these sticks when I get the new ones from the RMA dept?



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