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How to: Fit More Drives into Obsidian 800D Fixed HDD Bay


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It seems like most people opt to completely get rid of the fixed bays at the bottom of the case. But I wanted 6 2.5" drives fixed and unremovable because installing them in the hotswap bays would be pointless for me. So I found a solution that required no modding to the case, and I figured I'd share.


So here's the easiest solution out there: The HD-322 2.5" -> 3.5" adapter. The reason this adapter works while others don't is because the cage in the Obsidian 800D is wider than standard 3.5" drives to make room for those rails. This adapter is the perfect width to fit into the cage and be attached using standard case screws. All it takes is one extra screwhole drilled into the adapter to make it line up perfectly in the cage.












Enjoy :)

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