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Need assistance locating correct memory for my system


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Everyone knows how guys are, if we get lost we don't stop to ask for directions.


Well I've been at this for about four years now and am finally breaking down and asking for help. It all started in July of 2005 when I purchased my computer new for $608. It is an emachines W3052 with a FIC K7MNF -64 motherboard, Sempron 3000+ cpu, 120 gig HDD, and 512MB ram.


I once purchased 2GB of PC 3200 HIGH density memory online to upgrade my computer and could not get past the post. After a high restocking fee I gave up but recently started searching yet again.


The configurator no longer lists my computer.


I need help locating the correct memory for my computer. I want 2GB of either PC 2700 333MHZ or PC 3200 400MHZ memory. The FSB of my CPU is 333MHZ so I believe it would be best to purchase the PC 2700 memory over the PC 3200 memory, or am I wrong?


newegg show 3 kits containing two one gig sticks of PC 2700 but from my research all of them are high density. :[pouts: but I could be wrong.



My computer is a glorified workstation most of the time because I attend college online. I do some gaming within the bounds of my limitations. So I would be willing to spend a little extra money for some high end memory made for gaming if it's still being produced for aging systems.


thanks ahead of time for all of the comments and suggestions I know I will receive. :biggrin:


Edit: I forgot to add I would prefer a retailer who accepts paypal seeing how I'm without a credit/debit card.

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It's not listed on there so I looked up a model number close to mine and it says.


Memory Type

DDR-333 (PC-2700)


Information about the VS1GB333 Module


The Value Select line provides quality, tested, compatible desktop memory at competitive prices. The Value Select line is qualified for major current desktop and laptop systems. All Value Select modules are backed by Corsair's comprehensive warranty. The VS1GB333 is an unbuffered, non-ECC, 1 GByte module operating at PC2700.


I can order these from newegg as early as next week. My question is, if I have the same problem as last time and these happen to be high density would I be able to return them for another product? Guess I should ask newegg that question but it bothers me still from my last purchase of high density memory not allowing my computer to even post, Then being forced to pay such a high restocking fee.


That was purchased from parts pc and was the lowest listed price on pricewatch so that's why I ordered it.


My guess would be since corsair is a name brand they would only sell low density memory but I may be mistaken. I've only researched high and low density online and have read contradicting information. :[pouts:


My motherboard manual say's.



2 Memory Sockets:

Support DDR 266/333/400

Total Memory Size up to 2 GBs


That is what I went off of last time. I called that companies tech support to hear, "the memory you purchased was high density and your computer requires low density." I paid $120 restocking fee on that purchase along with return shipping. So I just want to be sure about my next purchase. I will call newegg and ask them about it but most likely their customer service will have no clue of what I'm talking about.


Thank you for your assistance.

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