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setting up my bios for VS1GB400C3

Georg Eisler

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Hello Folks


in my MSI PT880 I will use 4 VS1GB400C3


the bios Default settings dont work so I have To set the Values


in thhe datasheet of the the RAM I read 3-3-3-8


in My Biossetting I read



Precharge at Active(trp)

Active to CMD(Trcd)

Active to Precharge/Trace)

Ref to Act/Ref to Ref(Trfc)

DRAM Command Rate



can you please tell me in wich settings I have to enter the 3-3-3-8 Values







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  • Corsair Employees

Cas 3, TRCD 3, TRP 3, TRAS 8

But with 4 modules on that chipset they suggested setting the memory frequency at DDR266 or PC-2100 if I remember correctly and at PC-2100 I would set them to Cas 2.5-3-3-7 at 2.7 Volts with 4 modules.

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