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Corsair Obsidian 800D Cracked Side Window


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Hey all,


I've recently purchased a Corsair Obsidian 800D, waited for it to be delivered to the store and then picked it up, all excited!


When i got home I was disheartened to find that the window itself has a very small crack in it. I went back into the store and they've essentially told me that this is within tollerance becuase it´s not really viewable and if I want anything done about it then I need to talk to Corsair as it´s a newly released product. Problem is that it´s more than viewable when you have any sort of light inside the case :/


So, I guess this is what I'm doing.. I´m not too sure what to do other than write here though as I live in the UK...


Any suggestions? It´s such a beautiful case.. I´ve built the rest of the case in the hopes that I´m going to just be able to get hold of a new window... *crosses his fingers* I´d hate to have to take everything out of the case again after all the cable routing and cable tying :/


- Ricky

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Hi there,


I´ve been trying to get a replacement for the side of my obsidian case now since november.. I´ve emailed several times to the customer service email and had responses from Kimberly Olson and Jelaide Ocbina telling me that the parts are in stock and to confirm the parts I needed, which I did.. Then heard nothing for half a month.. emailed again.. was told my order would be shipped shortly, this is mid december.. still nothing so i emailed again on the 8th Jan asking for an update which simply got an automated reply.


Since that time again I´ve had no response.. it´s now over 2 weeks later and still nothing. Calling the USA isn´t really an option for me as I live in the UK and I even got fed up and tried talking to the store again to see if they would just take the case back and I´d find a different one, but it´s now too late for that.


C'mon guys.. I keep hearing how great your service and support is but soo far 2 months later I´m still left with a less than perfect case... I'm really beginning to question whether I should buy corsair again..





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