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RAM addressing in XP Pro 64-bit - newbie question


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I have a question about how RAM addressing happens when you have more than 4 GB installed and you're running a 64-bit OS. My system specs in my profile show I have 8GB of RAM installed and I have Windows XP 64-bit running. The inquiry is prompted by my getting STOP errors indicating a "bad pool caller".


I've run Memtest86+ on the system and have not had any errors reported, but it confirmed something strange I'd noted when the system boots. I have the "quick POST" disabled, so I see the system checking memory when it starts. The counter goes from 1 to 3328MB, hangs for a moment, then continues the count from 4096MB, stopping at 8192MB.


When Memtest86+ checked the memory, it did it in the following sequence:

1 - 2048MB

2048 - 3328MB

4096 - 6144MB

6144 - 8192MB

8192 - 8960MB


What the heck? I didn't think I had grown a fifth 768MB RAM stick! :confused: And what's going on with the "skipped" memory?


I know that there is some finagling going on with memory addressing that starts at the 4GB mark and works backwards, and (as I dimly understand it) the 512MB of memory on the video card will add to the confusion. Is there someone that can explain this to me in a coherent fashion? Windows reports that it can see 8GB of RAM, but the "bad pool caller" errors seem to be pointing to the OS trying to talk to a section of the memory that it "can't find."


I do have an inquiry in on another support forum concerning the errors I've experienced, but any information you could supply would be greatly appreciated. Please advise if you need any addidional info about my setup and what I'm seeing (minidumps, CPU-Z information, etc.). Thanks very much for your assistance

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