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7gb ram dominators for asus p6t mobo help


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i need some help pls , new here , i have asus p6t mobo with intei i7 - 920 allready have dominators ddr3 1gb * 3 = 3gb ram 1600 bus speed.


i want to add 2 more modules of ddr 3 dominators ddr3 - 2gb * 2 = 4gb


the rams i got 1st the dominator tri pack said for core i7 , the other dominators 2gb * 2 modules pack does not say for core i7 but they are dominators never the less .


can i use them in my rig with out any risk , i mean voltages etc .

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Check your manual for the supported memory configurations. I don't think 5 modules is a supported configuration. Also, you are mixing very different modules which is also not a supported configuration.


That said, all of this may work but it may be unstable or not boot. The only way to know is to install and test.

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