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Are these temps ok?


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Asus Rampage Gene II

Corsair dominator gt 2000 cas 8



I am set to no overclock- ram is at 1066.


When idle- my temps are 35C with nothing going on


Under Win7 Ult x64, prime95 x64 with 8 threads,

my temps are 78C at 2.6GHZ, 1.224V ~1400RPM on the pump and 1690 on the fan.



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Idle temps change alot honestly..

i mean my idle is like 22-28 ish , and thats just the computer on.


now if i browse the internet and have like my msn and itunes open im usually 26-30ish.


But with Prime 95 i dont break over 65 so High 70s seem pretty high for me but also im running a i7 860 and my chip is only 95watts compared to the i7 920 at 130 watts. so in that i do know the older i7s run a tad bit hotter.


Also the heat has 3 major factors


1. Temp in the room

2. Air Flow in the Case

3. Fan Set up


I have a push/pull config. Then 2 other fans pulling in air, then a huge 200m fan blowing it up at the top.

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actually at idle, I had speedstep on.

It was 36C at 1.6GHZ and .936v!


Is that right?

My mounting screws were tightned in criss-cross order, and just short of point that theymore wouldnt turn unless used force.


also, Im in the middle of a build, so everything is wide open (the radiator/fan is not mounted and just sitting out wide open, so plenty of air.

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Pretty Much depends on the temp of the room also


i mean im in the 30s at times


like i said the i7 900 series chips tend to run a bit hotter then the 800s and around 28-34s only with itunes open, doesnt seem too bad. Try n put some different compound on it, also i heard a few issues with the h50 and 900 i7s and the way it sits. i do see that the logo isnt straight looks off set


and as you know the water block is like almost oval, ya know. Try re mounting the water block were the logo is straight and the arrow for the corner of the cpu is pointing at the bottom left

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That seemed to work- getting 39C now. It makes my install a little tight though.

A shame- i thought the ring design allowed you to point the tubes in the best direction for your setup. Not so if the pump has to be square on.

Is this a problem with i7 only and the non-square copper on the H50 bottom?

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